RKR Capital appoints Simon Murray as Chairman and Tariq Rafique as Managing Partner

Singapore, 29 June 2017 - RKR Capital, the Singapore based investment and financial technology firm, today announced that following an equity investment by Morningstar Capital, its principals have joined RKR Capital. Simon Murray has become Chairman of RKR and Tariq Rafique has become one of three managing partners alongside RKR co-founders Kim Rosenkilde and Remy Klammers, with effect from June 23, 2017.


RKR’s financial technology platform was founded by Kim and Remy together with Dr David Samuel to develop a broad based asset management firm leveraging the founders’ deep knowledge of the Asian markets and their extensive network of relationships across China and Asia Pacific. RKR applies its cutting edge machine learning techniques, including deep learning and reinforcement learning, to the financial markets to create predictive quantitative trading models that are scalable across markets and sectors.


RKR’s technology represents a significant break with industry standard linear models and disrupts the trend in quantitative trading based on speed alone, as such businesses have increasingly struggled with huge costs of investment in infrastructure and diminishing revenue as a result of low volatility and market efficiency to the next-tick trades. Alongside its predictive technologies, RKR has developed a trading platform that makes extensive use of automation, from trade through to settlement, allowing for rapid deployment and scaling into global market opportunities.


Kim Rosenkilde and Remy Klammers, Managing Partners, RKR Capital, said: “Simon has a long and distinguished track record in helping to build exceptional businesses in Asia. We are delighted that he has agreed to become our Chairman and to help us realise the potential of our ground breaking technology in fast growing Asian markets. We are also pleased to welcome Tariq to RKR as a partner to help us build a number of principal businesses, an area in which he has had great success.”


Simon Murray, Chairman, RKR Capital, said: “AI is already disrupting sectors from financial services to healthcare and beyond. RKR has assembled a team of world leading talent to apply deep learning techniques to the financial markets while ensuring best in class governance and risk management. It is an experienced and ambitious team, and I look forward to helping them achieve their vision to become one of the leading global players in this exciting industry.”


Tariq Rafique, Managing Partner, RKR Capital, said: “RKR’s scientific focus and analytical expertise provide a unique combination of strengths which we hope to bring to principal investing in a number of asset classes. It is a thrilling opportunity and I look forward to working with my new colleagues to help realise it.”


Dr David Samuel, Chief Science Officer, RKR Capital, said: “I am delighted that Simon has agreed to become Chairman of RKR Capital. Simon’s leadership in building businesses in Asia will greatly assist us in our mission to build a science led business that leverages our strong team of research engineers in machine learning, deep learning, and AI who are developing predictive technologies for use in commercial transactional markets such as the financial markets. With Tariq joining the exceptional team of RKR partners we further enhance the effectiveness of our execution and ability to explore new opportunities.”


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